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Polished Academic English

You are the author of a PhD thesis, Master’s dissertation, technical magazine article, resume etc. but even your best English might need the final touch of an expert native English speaker for grammatical integrity, idiomatic expression and clarity.

I have 35 years’ experience as a lawyer, English teacher and magazine editor. In the past five or six years I have carefully edited and improved many documents for my advanced students and I now offer this service more widely.

Send me your document by email. I will acknowledge receipt and give you an estimated delivery date (usually 5 days). All equations, graphs, formulae etc. are left untouched.

The cost is US two cents per word of the document with a minimum charge of US $20. Payment on completion is by PayPal internationally or by PayPal or consignacion within Colombia.

Note: this is not a translation service; your document must be in your best English.

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Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Si conoces a alguien que pueda estar interesado en esto por favor diles sobre ello. Gracias