Welcome to the English-only section of my website! My private students take two classes of 90 minutes each per week and, if they work hard, learn to speak English at an acceptable level in three months. In six months they speak fluently and with confidence.

 The key element in my English lessons is my simple system of phonetics – the sounds of words. I teach English pronunciation based on the sounds of British places that you can hear on radio and television, especially if you follow football and other sports.

If you have ever heard of the cities of Liverpool or Manchester, or the district of London known as Arsenal, you can certainly learn to speak English correctly, in a way that everyone will understand.

Of course there are many other aspects of English that you need to learn and I will explain many of them in simple terms through completely original materials.

In this section of my Spanish – language web site I intend to offer you, a student who doesn’t know a lot of Spanish, everything my students get except, of course, my presence.

All my lessons reflect my experience of learning English and Spanish – and a little German – my opinions, my judgement on what is worthwhile and what is not.

Of course it’s personal; some of my students have been with me for over three years, others don’t come back after the first lesson (ouch, that hurts).

There are many good ways to learn English – institutes, schools, distance learning, studying abroad.

In this website I do what I do best: direct and simple explanation. The site is free because, like many web sites, we rely on advertisers to help towards our expenses.

So – what does ‘123’ mean? Well, it means a lot of things. Perhaps it’s like ‘abc’ in suggesting that studying English is easy.

 But the deeper meaning is that nearly everything can be done in steps and, if I can, I will show you what these steps are.

 I don’t usually describe this site as a course of English because I prefer to keep it flexible. There is always a random element in learning any language, even our own.

 I’d like you to have the freedom of a three year old child, learning some things at random from their first and best teacher – their mother.

 In preparing this site I have been greatly helped by my students and I give them all my sincere thanks.

 Over the last four years I have done my best to produce these lessons. I will continue to do my best. My students and professional translators have done their best. Now it’s your turn: if you really want to speak fluent English you must do your best.

 In order to speak good English you must read good English, so here’s another

 123 – 1. Read 2. Listen 3. Speak

 And I mean speak now. Read aloud, talk to yourself, buy a parrot – anything to help you speak every day.

 Now that we’ve got together let’s speak great English.

 Can we do it? YES, WE CAN!


Please Note:

Many of the original sections of the site are in English.

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