Ejercicios 121 - 150



Nivel: intermedio30 minutos



En las pruebas de sinónimos debes elegir la palabra que signifique igual (o casi igual) que la palabra en negrilla.

Recuerda que si tú eliges una palabra equivocada la frase aún puede ser correcto pero, por supuesto, esto no es la meta….


121. She always liked to nourish her animals.

a) to annoy b) to feed

c) to sell d) to bore

122. ‘Next week you will all work harder,’ the boss said.

a) surely b) with more effort

c) with more pay d) with more love

123. I would prefer to miss that concert,’ she said.

a) would rather b) would care

c) would die d) would dance

124. The star of the movie was always very selfish.

a) thinking of others b) very kind

c) thinking of books d) thinking of himself

125. ‘You must give up drinking alcohol’, the doctor said.

a) stop b) stop up

c) more d) think of

126. There was some doubt about the spaceship’s position.

a) picture b) shape

c) motor d) location

127. He was not very keen on eating raw fish.

a) thinking about b) planning on

c) enthusiastic about d) cheering on

128. Although the barbecue was very hot, the meat was raw.

a) rude b) uncooked

c) delicious d) dry

129. A bargain usually means something you can buy at a low price.

a) never b) hardly

c) normally d) ugly

130. She paid for the upkeep of her poor family.

a) fun b) dancing

c) maintenance d) pleasure

131. Long ago he was a millionaire, but he died a pauper.

a) a happy man b) a very sick man

c) a very poor man d) a very tall man

132. I would be glad to lend you $500 for school fees.

a) be late b) be happy

c) be seen d) be forced

133. If something is an obligation you must do it.

a) are afraid to b) are uncertain

c) have a duty to d) are lost to

134. How can I prepare for this examination?

a) get out b) escape

c) get word d) get ready

135. The guide helped them to ascend the mountain.

a) go up b) to fall off

c) carry d) to enter

136. She always postponed nasty tasks until the following week.

a) put off b) read

c) did d) enjoyed

137. She always postponed nasty tasks until a later date.

a) strange people b) newly-weds

c) unpleasant relatives d) unpleasant jobs

138. They agreed to depart at midnight.

a) come in b) leave

c) notice d) mention.

139. The students worked silently in the classroom.

a) hard b) quickly

c) studiously d) quietly

140. The children at the windows loved the colorful parade.

a) procession b) propulsion

c) book d) movie

141. There were papers thrown all over his bureau.

a) head b) city

c) desk d) floor

142. Historically, France has always been an ally of Scotland.

a) a friend b) a problem

c) a visitor d) a history

143. All the pedestrians tried to assist the victims of the car crash.

a) move b) see

c) obstruct d) help

144. When the lion got out of its cage the people tried to run away.

a) to catch it b) to freeze

c) to fly d) to flee

145. The largest man in the circus was certainly very corpulent.

a) sick b) fat

c) timid d) thin

146. Her mother would not permit her to stay out until midnight.

a) see b) provide

c) enjoy d) allow

147. The clown was trying very hard to amuse the children.

a) frighten b) wash

c) entertain d) laugh

148. The beautiful garden was the result of all her labor.

a) work b) running

c) rain d) sunshine

149. He was sure his Superman costume was still in his closet.

a) police officer b) lawyer

c) shoes d) suit

150. They were bored and found it hard to enjoy the movie.

a) like b) visit

c) intend d) inspect



121b, 122b, 123a, 124d, 125a, 126d, 127c, 128b, 129c, 130c, 131c, 132b, 133c, 134d, 135a,136a, 137d, 138b, 139d, 140a, 141c, 142a, 143d, 144d, 145b, 146d, 147c, 148a, 149d, 150a.